• Lawrence van Lingen
    This is Matt Hanson When Matt is in the room the odds that you are the smartest, toughest or hardest working person in the room are greatly diminished. I had the privilege of spending some one on one time in January this year with Matt and the #JDCrew. Captured here is a Eureka moment where we created even more stride length and recovery float in that amazing stride. Interestingly late last year a comment on a post of Matt running queried if he was not over striding? We also released a significant amount of neural tension which always seems to create space and potential. I knew it was a breakthrough as creating passive energy potential or relaxation is more than just the mechanics it represents a mental and physical breakthrough, call it a breakthrough in potential too. You have created a change in timing, sensation, it adds a layer or depth. If Matt was a musician he figured out a melody. Matt also knows what to do with the extra space and potential, not all do. Hard work, a cunning plan from Julie Dibens, drive, determination and flawless execution led to a world best Ironman time at @ironmantri Texas in 7:39:25 with a blazingly fast 2:34:30 marathon split which is also the fastest Ironman marathon on record. Matt will have a better understanding of the whole process than I and of course his coach Julie has supervised the two fastest male Ironman times inside a calendar year, the previous best belonging to the incredible Tim Don so let’s not discount the cunningness of the coach and the environment and culture she creates and curates. Matt also values the support and love from his wife and so the complexity of the formulae of such a sublime performance compounds. Obstacles overcome, problems solved, insights gained, potential realized. I suspect there is more to come from Matt and the crew too. Respect.5xuujkurdyu30tgw.png
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