• Lawrence van Lingen
    The Turkish Getup has to be one of the most versatile and comprehensive of all exercises. It is a combination of a moving plank and a dynamic bridge that incorporates many different movement complexes. It sequentially activates the core as you go from lying to sitting, creates shoulder stability as you drive the weight up, creates cross sectional shoulder strength so important for swimming and rowing and throwing. Split stance stability and hip and ilipsoas release, upper body integration on a neutral pelvis. Big toe and toe flexibility as you drive up develops the arch of the foot, glute drive in oblique sling to the side bridge and as you drive up and back down to split stance. Postural integrity and awareness under asymmetrical load. The whole exercises requires shoulder and scapular control. Its a lot of bang for buck.

    The Getup typically takes about 30 seconds to complete from lying to standing and back to lying again, so it builds endurance into your stability. A total of 10 Getups is a total of at least 5 minutes of moving stabilization, mobility and balance.

    I personally use the Getup as a mobility exercise and thats also the best way to learn the Getup. Doing 5 repetitions of each of the components of the Getup is a great way to mobilize, warm up and learn the individual steps of this initially complex movement.

    Its very likely that your body craves movement and skill, so if you want to upgrade from boring (possibly hurtful) planks and take your movement to a next level, master the Getup.

    The video below makes it as easy as one, two three. Groove the components and add to mobility, once you are familiar with the steps, put them all together. Then believe it or not adding weight makes it easier.

    The goal is to do 3-5 Getups to either side 2 to 3 times a week. Start with a light weight when you are comfortable and once you are familiar with the weight slowly increase the weight and also try using dumbbells and also a barbell. The ultimate goal is to Getup half your body weight. My best is 30kg or about 70 pounds, not quite half my skinniest body weight.

    It is a great finisher exercise and I will do it at the end of a mobility or strength session to feel connected and centered. Remember from stability comes mobility. Join in on social media and show us your #TurkishGetupTuesday

    Turkish Getup (3M)
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