• Lawrence van Lingen
    So why do we have to know how to do a Frog Bridge and a Butterfly Crunchy?

    I was watching a hip strength and mobility video done by my favorite PT Run Guru and author of "Anatomy for Runners" and "Running Rewired", Jay Dicharry. In it he included Frog Bridges which is a great way to learn to use your Glute Max to "Drive your hips open", the exercise will also help to teach you to use the glute max to support your pelvis and counter or down regulate adductor or high hamstring tension. As a bonus you can use it as a forefoot mobility/proprioception exercise if you keep your forefoot flat on the ground during the exercise. It was love at first sight.

    You know what that particular exercises pairs well with? Butterfly Crunchies. This exercise lets you connect your rectus abdominus (six pack muscles) from your hands to your pelvis. The anatomical chain of the rectus abdominus is continuous all the way to your fingertips, so if you swung one handed on a branch the muscles that grip the branch connect all the way through your biceps and pecs to your pubic bone and help keep your pelvis up. It would also be the anatomical chain you threw a spear with. One of the functions of the rectus abdominus is to help support the pelvis, so if its weak or not functioning properly, guess what helps out to keep you upright and not falling forward on your face, those pesky adductors and high hamstrings, the very same muscles that a strong glute max softens and relaxes. So two very synergistic exercises feeding into each other and teaching you to be more connected and move and stand better.

    Watch the video here https://youtu.be/LAYAd69KK5I

    This combo is also a great intro to a sequence of exercises to really loosen up the high hamstrings and adductors that I will share with you later.

    The Butterfly Crunchy and Frog Bridge crunchy combo is also excellent after pregnancy to reintegrate your rectus abdominus and also for folks that have recently lost a lot of weight or have problems with rib flair.

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  • Jessica Magner
    This is awesome! Thanks Lawrence for sharing
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