• Lawrence van Lingen
    Three things I could have improved on in 2009, Ironman Western Australia, when this picture was taken.

    1. Had my sweat rate and electrolyte loss measured, turns out I lose 5 times the amount of sodium than the average person. Precision Hydration does a great job of doing this with an online questionnaire or an easy 30 minute sweat test for greatest accuracy. Coupled with their great range of products and expertise they are the leaders in custom hydration. I never raced well in the heat and now I know why.

    2. Learned to replace vertical oscillation for horizontal hip drive. Simply running on a Trueform Running treadmill a few times per week will get the job done. Or you can learn to translate vertical displacement for free horizontal movement and add hip drive doing "The Only Drill" https://youtu.be/vQjPCp3tkRo
    Yes I will redo the video with better light.

    3. Supple up my hips and increase hip drive. You can see my right leg is caught behind me and has flicked "out". I was coming back from a rectus femoris tendon tear (muscle in front of hip) after my pedal came off in a sprint. Many many people, especially triathletes get caught behind their hips, especially with our modern seated lifestyle.
    Starting the day with "Happy Penguins" and then progressing into "Happy Hips" is the simplest, safest and most effective way I know how to reorganize the hips and pelvis and getting them working as they should.
    It takes 3 minutes to do penguins and happy hips every morning, it will change your life and it would have helped transform my running. With age hopefully comes a bit of insight.
    "Penguins" https://youtu.be/74a17Ou_jb0
    "Happy Hips" https://youtu.be/i8HSpAC48bs

    What is holding you back?

    Photo credit Delly Carr
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