• Lawrence van Lingen
    Rule number one of running is learning to control your center of mass. Poor center of mass control will lead to a combination of injury, decreased performance and or poor form and decreased endurance. Mistakes made in controlling your center of mass cannot be corrected at the extremities or periphery and any type of correction will ultimately lead to an undesirable compensation.

    Every single runner, no matter what level should refresh and revisit their understanding of center of mass and it is undoubtedly the single most important aspect of running to master. Luckily it is simple and easy to get right. Unfortunately is is very often taught wrong or misguidedly.

    1. Stand tall and think length from ankles through the back of the neck to the top of the head.
    2. Use your hands to draw back an imaginary elastic band attached to the floor a body length in front of you.
    3. this should shift your weight forward gently, allow this to happen.
    4. Make sure your shoulders stay directly over your hips.
    5. Shift foreword so that your feet engage onto the ground.
    6. DO NOT lean forward so that your toes slam down and the soles of your feet harden.

    That is the center of mass sensation you should replicate when you run.

    Long spine, shift hips forward, feet softly engaged onto ground.

    Avoid leaving forward or sitting back or both.

    Here is a video https://youtu.be/f6SqrG-n-eo

    Never ever forget or stop working on rule number one.
    Control your center of mass.
    If you do not own this process you do not own any single part of the running process.

    Run Well
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